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Premier Medical Products specializes in CPM Therapy and Negative Pressure Would Therapy (NPWT). We are a locally owned Chicago-area company that offers outstanding service, an easy referral process and same day set ups 7 days a week. We are licensed as a Home Medical Equipment Provider, accredited for Medical Equipment Services by The Joint Commission, contracted with most Insurances and is the trusted "Provider-of-Choice" for many of Chicagoland’s Hospitals, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Home Health Agencies, Case Management Professionals and Insurance Companies.

Since 1990, Premier Medical Products has specialized in providing therapy-based specialty medical equipment. Our staff are experts and provide those products and services extremely well. Over and over our customers tell us we are the easiest company to work with, provide outstanding service and exceed their expectations:

Our service highlights include:

Premier Medical Products was founded and continues to operate on the principle that everyone is a “VIP Patient” and deserves the very best service. At Premier Medical Products, “Providing a Premier Experience” is our goal each and every day.


To provide a “Premier Experience” for each Customer, Healthcare Professional, and Associate we encounter.


To be the Provider of Choice for the services we offer for each Healthcare Facility and Professional in the markets we serve.


We will follow these guiding principles:

Same Day CPM & NPWT Set-Ups 7 Days a Week
Call (800) 829-0308 or fax (630) 420-0360